Friday, August 27, 2010

Bastard syndrome - a sequel to the Theory of Acceptance

I haven’t written in a while and Its due to needing some inspiration … quite a double edged sword because often it means experiencing some form of the topic yourself in order to find the conviction and power to write about it …

In a sequel to the theory of acceptance I’d like to present a new theory that I think effect most gals my age …although it’s not a theory it’s a diagnosis for Bastard Syndrome …
You know the old saying men are dogs! Well I disagree not all men are dogs. Men are dogs because we are attracted to the worst of them.

How often do we give Mr. nice guy a chance??? Never right we conveniently make him a friend …
Analyze for a second the saying “nice guys finish last “or how bout “good gals like bad boys “such a weird phenomenon …
Its time to make a confession and face this fact now and put an end to it as well …
If there was a help group for this occurrence I’d be the first to stand up and say “Hi, I’m Tashi and I suffer from Bastard syndrome “
My definition of bastard syndrome or bad boy syndrome to sound less controversial ??? I sometimes am attracted to the worst of them.. The narcissistic self gratifying player … the liars… the cheats the smooth talkers , the tough guys , I cant give an explanation maybe it’s the excitement or the drama . It’s the theory that gals like me like bad guys!!! But now I say enough!!!
Fortunately at 23 I’ve been through them and I choose not to be naive anymore
I dedicate this article to 2 very special ladies …This morning I found I’m not the only one who has bastard syndrome … I’ve got two exceptionally beautiful friends who told me there stories this morning and this is what has inspired my writing today
Its so easy to be lied to … its so easy to sit back and be naive but in a skeptical negative world we all want to believe that people are good and that they should be given the benefit of the doubt … but when your emotions and hearts are at risk then no one has a right to lie to you . no one man or women has the right to betray your trust because if they do then not only do they not respect themselves but more importantly they do not respect you and should not have the honor of been with you .
I'm going to say this to the guys out there who treat gals as things … who choose to cheat and blatantly string a list of gals along … to the classic Players who at this point are the hero’s amongst there shallow guy friends and kryptonite to innocent gals who are easily fooled .. we all grow old we all loose our charm and looks … it all comes back to haunt you do unto others as
you would like done onto you !!! And for god sake have a conscience …you might suffer from insecurities and therefore been a playa might gratify you but hurting people emotionally only adds to the ticks against you in the end we all have to pay somewhere or somehow for our actions!
To the gals and guys who have been cheated on or are a number on a list you need to understand this… if one person is a rotten egg never judge the rest of the species as they should not suffer for the rot amongst them. Listen to your intuition and never give off emotion when you are unsure if you know you with a playa no matter what you do his lies wont end and it would take a lot for him to see his errors don’t sit back waiting for that protect yourself against heartbreak because once you are able to control this it all becomes a whole lot easier.
I think in a time and age of today we are to easily fooled by the superficial and so often I hear my girlfriends say there are no decent guys out there I don’t believe that’s true I do believe that you still have people with morals values and the right ideals … you just got to take extra care in recognizing them when they come along …
We so often make the mistake of letting our past hurt make us cautious and we tend to carry baggage into new relationships perhaps this is part of the problem … to the two gals I mentioned earlier I want you to know that you are beautiful and will get through this and if it seems impossible listen to Rihanna’s lyrics and tell that looser to take a bow his gig is up!!!
Till my next piece dear reader I hope I’ve inspired you with a bit of hope … been hurt is an experience that amounts to a life lesson that makes you stronger and street

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